Daniel Flannery- VP Business Intelligence, MasterCard Worldwide

"FLW's software helps us explore internal and secondary data - billions of transactions a year - to optimize its media planning and analyze the return on marketing investment."

Kevin A. Price - President and Founder, PartScription

"We engaged FLW to create signature content to explain our service and train our users. They guided us through all phases of the process, including planning, production, scripts, storyboards, photography, filming, and post production quality assurance. The entire team executed professionally on all phases, and delivered a high quality asset on time and on budget. FLW's creativity, focus, expertise, and detail orientation helped us clarify, hone, and execute our vision."

Don Patchell - Sr. VP Analytic Services, HAVI Global Solutions

"FLW is all about helping drive effective decision making. They understand how to decompose massive amounts of data into actionable information. Using leading-edge analytics, key metrics and web-based communication vehicles, FLW empowers our senior executives to make fact-based, timely decisions that positively impact the business."

Kenny Ocasio - Executive Director Youth Service Project

"FLW created content working with our staff and youth members to bring our vision alive".

Anvar Khabibullin, - Associate VP, Promotions and Pricing, Sears Canada

"FLW was able to provide superior service in processing and enriching transactional retail data, which enabled Sears Canada to gain additional insights into effectiveness of retail promotional offers. The combination of breadth and depth of the retail transactional data and complexity of promotional program at Sears Canada made it exceptionally challenging to find a partner who could tackle this task. FLW proved to be a reliable partner who delivered every time."

Frank Goss III General Manager / Founder - Closeup2 Jazz Clubs

"FLW creativity and professionalism help build Organic Groov online neo-soul / Jazz show on time and within budget. What impress me the most was that it was filmed live on several occasions during nightly business hours without interruptions to my patrons or musicians. "

Miguel Pereira - Vice President Consulting & Analytical Services, Precima

"Working with FLW, we are able to track the incremental sales that each ad generates for each product. This helps us to optimize the return on our marketing investment."

Dr. Earl Fredrick - Regional Medical Director, Emergency Room Care Providers

"FLW helped develop and effectively integrate one of the largest health care systems in Chicago. The system consisted of data tracking and analytics interfaced with hospitals main information system. This infrastructure was successfully utilized for quality assurance and risk management activities as well as operations analytics."

Terry McDonald - CMO, Mervyns

"FLW's tools and methodology helped us determine a cause-and-effect of advertising channels and promotions on the continuous basis. It is fascinating analysis if you want to look at the science of retail."